Interior Design Services

Erin is committed to creating the perfect interior to meet her clients objectives and remain true to their vision.  Her extensive design background and focus on client satisfaction assists her clients envision their personal living spaces transformed. From furniture and fabrics, to surfaces, finishes and accessories, she works closely with clients through every phase of the design project.

Our full-line of interior design services includes:

Paint and Color Pallet – The Power of Color

Whether the goal is to promote a sense of security and relaxation, spark creativity, or increase feelings of well being…it all begins with color. This is truly the foundation of the design process and includes color pallet selection, as well as paint colors.

Surface Selection – Flooring

Flooring selections are based upon the functionality of the space, beauty and budget. With numerous products and materials to choose from, the flooring is a fundamental element in the overall design process.

Cabinetry, Countertops and Backsplashs

Numerous styles and colors, along with materials comprise the perfect living space that functions to meet the needs of the client. From cabinetry and countertops, to backsplash materials and under cabinet lighting, the selection process will assure both the design approach and project budget remain a priority.

Window Treatments

Custom window treatments are designed to meet the style and function of the room. From color and texture to hardware; window treatments add a definitive layer to the overall design approach, with the ability to accentuate architecture as well as disguise room disproportion.

Whether the choice is sleek and modern, with remote control function, or traditional elegance, the materials and structure are selected to meet your personal design style.

Hardware and Fixtures

A change in hardware and fixtures can take a room from rustic to contemporary chic. Particular attention is paid to the intricate details associated with achieving your room transformation.


Selecting the appropriate furniture to fit your design style, as well as the function of the room, is a primary component of good design.  An extensive library of furniture styles, custom furniture design and built-ins will assure that the perfect pieces are located, upholstered and arranged to meet the design objective.


Accessories add visual interest to home décor. With careful selection, the use of artwork, area rugs, lamps, mirrors and architectural elements complete the overall design, look and feel of a room.


Whether the style is rustic, contemporary or classic, lighting helps to create the ambiance of a room, enhance the function of strategic areas, as well as illuminate art and collectables. A wide selection of lighting styles, from elaborate chandeliers, to enchanting sconces and dramatic pendants, lighting provide the perfect complement to your overall interior design.

Model Home Merchandising/Staging

Transform a vacant house for sale into a Home. Strategically selected and placed, furniture and accessories create a warm and welcoming feel for potential buyers. Staged homes sell faster. Help your potential buyers envision themselves in their new home through staging.